Specialists in facility services

Specialists in outsourcing services

At Weldon, we are a company specialised in Facility Services, we offer all types of services and we operate throughout the country. We prepare a tailor-made plan according to the needs of your company, so that you can achieve your desired objectives without having to worry about those tasks that do not form part of your core business.

We offer outsourcing of facilities such as cleaning (hospitals, clinics and geriatric residences and offices), support services (reception, switchboards, contact centre and administrative services), fleet management, access control, school monitors, etc.

Focus on your business by outsourcing services

Outsourcing also improves the quality of your company’s services.  At Weldon, a large part of our resources are dedicated to the selection process to find those candidates with the ideal profile for your business. This allows you to focus all your efforts on your own business, concentrating on all those services that form part of your core business.

We offer facility services throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Weldon’s various branches are located throughout Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands) and Portugal. Being so close to our clients allows us to be flexible and offer the best possible service quality standards.

Our outsourcing services

Empresa de limpieza


  • Cleaning of hospitals, clinics and care homes
  • Cleaning of offices
  • Cleaning of shops and department stores
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Servicios auxiliares

Auxiliary services

  • Reception
  • Switchboard and contact centre
  • Administrative services
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Gestión y limpieza de flotas

Fleet management and cleaning

  • Delivery, reception and transfer of vehicles
  • Conditioning, internal disinfection and external cleaning of vehicles
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Control de accesos

Access control

  • Identification of persons when entering specific spaces
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Monitores/as escolares

Activity Leaders

  • Transportation, lunchroom and extracurricular activities accompaniment
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Focused on our customers

Cercanos a nuestro cliente

Close to our customers

Nos adaptamos a tu negocio

We adapt to your business

Buscamos la calidad del servicio

Quality of service is our goal

Cobertura nacional e internacional

National and international coverage

Certificaciones ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certifications

Profesionales con formación y experiencia

Trained and experienced professionals

Cuidamos el medio ambiente

We care for the environment

Seguridad en el trabajo

Occupational safety and security


Facility services are services provided by a company that are not directly related to the core business line of a company. They include maintenance, cleaning, support services and security in a building or company to ensure its efficient and comfortable operation.

Weldon is your best-choice facility services company thanks to our experience and trained staff in the sector, we operate nationwide, we offer made-to-measure solutions, you will save on maintenance costs and we have the capacity to adapt to your specific needs.

By contracting our facility services company, you can enjoy more efficient management of your facilities, long-term cost savings and the peace of mind that your spaces will be well maintained and secure.

National and international presence

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Constant Group Central Delegations

Barcelona: Avinguda Diagonal, 523, Edificio Atalaya, Planta 21

Madrid: C/ Alfonso Gómez, 42C / C.P 28037

Lisboa: Rua Manuel de Jesus Coelho, nº4, 4º Andar, 1150-220

National Delegations

Alicante / Barcelona / Ibiza / Las Palmas / Madrid

Málaga / Murcia / Palma de Mallorca / Sevilla

Tarragona / Tenerife / Valencia / Zaragoza