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Support services can save your company internal management costs. Through these services, you get the right people to meet all the needs of your internal organisation.

Therefore, by contracting Weldon, you will be able to dedicate all your efforts to your business, with a more productive result.

At Weldon, we design a tailor-made plan according to your company’s needs. We take care of creating tailor-made services, taking into account the objectives and the work to be carried out in order to provide the best experience when entrusting us with your company’s services.

Our aim is to carry out an accurate study of your company’s needs in order to find personalised solutions adapted to your business.

Types of support services

  • Reception
  • Contact centre and switchboard
  • Administrative services

Reception services

Our staff is trained and experienced in assisting in the tasks of the reception of any company. A fundamental task to facilitate the internal management of services or processes.

Reception services are essential to maintain site security, as well as welcoming and ensuring the best experience for customers and employees at meetings and events.

One of the main tasks is to answer the telephone, thus helping communication with clients and potential clients. In addition to receiving and attending to visitors in a professional manner, as well as preventing unauthorised access to the premises.

In short, this department reflects the image of your company. Get a professional image with our reception services.

  • Reception

  • Information points

  • File management

  • Customer service


These are the services of a company that are not directly related to the core business of a company. These can be support services, cleaning services, maintenance services…

Apart from one of the main tasks, which is answering the phone, there are other equally demanded tasks, such as: guiding visitors according to previously established schedules, customer service, assistant management, collecting invitations or post, among others.

Contact centre and switchboard

It is important to emphasise the need to have a communication channel that helps us to improve communication with our customers, both current and prospective.

For this reason, our personalised contact centre and switchboard services focus on the reception and management of customer service requests through any channel.

They are uninterrupted, multi-channel services, which we put at your disposal to achieve your company’s objective for your loyalty initiatives.

We have a large team trained to provide you with the best service, as well as extensive experience in the sector. We adapt to the needs, communication channels and type of customer your company needs.

  • Contact centre

  • Digital channels

  • Customer services (outbound and inbound)

  • Back office

  • Incident management

  • Telephone sales


Among the many services provided by a contact centre, there are making and receiving calls, answering chat messages, answering emails, managing social networks, processing telephone orders, SMS messaging…

The main advantage of having a contact centre is the ongoing communication you can have with your customers through various channels, as well as improving the user experience, enhancing your brand image and building customer loyalty.

Administrative services

It should be kept in mind that there are many activities that are strategic for your company, even if they do not form part of your core business. We take care of your administrative outsourcing needs.

Our administrative support services are provided by an experienced and qualified team, so that you can focus only on what is important for your company.

  • Calendar management

  • Preparing documentation

  • Travel organisation

  • Meeting and room management

  • Internal mail


One of the main reasons is so that you can invest and dedicate all your time to what is really important for your company, your core business, as this is the objective of your company.

By outsourcing services, the internal team can focus on their work uninterrupted, while saving time on managing and carrying out tasks for which they are not specialised.

Why choose Weldon?

Customer proximity

Our presence throughout the national and international territory allows us to be very close to our customers, to know their needs and to provide optimal solutions adapted to their needs.

Outsourced auxiliary services

By outsourcing auxiliary services, you increase the productivity of your teams and help maintain greater control over costs.

We promote the permanence of
our employees

Stability is key to quality service.

Cost savings

By relying on Weldon's ancillary services, you save on maintenance costs.

Our services



At Weldon, we offer integral cleaning solutions in a wide variety of sectors such as hospitals, clinics and geriatric residences, offices and shops.

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Fleet management and cleaning

Fleet management and cleaning

We are a leading company in Spain in the integral management and cleaning of vehicle fleets, with presence in all the national and insular territory.

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Access control

Access control

The objective of this procedure is to ensure the security of the space in question. At Weldon we are aware of how important it is to have an optimal access control.

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Activity Leaders

Activity Leaders

At Weldon we manage services for schools, offering professional solutions that meet the auxiliary needs of any educational center.

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