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At Weldon, we are aware of the importance of keeping university residences and halls of residence in perfect condition. It is important that students feel comfortable and at ease in the facilities, as they are both their home and their place of study.

Therefore, we are committed to transforming the facilities into a welcoming and clean home, where students can carry out their lives comfortably, and in the ideal place for them to be productive in their study hours.

With the university halls of residence and college cleaning service we provide at Weldon, we ensure that the residents will be in optimal health conditions. In addition, with our unbeatable cleaning service, we will help your hall of residence to get top ratings, which will attract potential new residents.

Experts in cleaning and disinfection

Our own staff are committed to and aware of the cleaning sector, with a high degree of responsibility and continuous training in new cleaning techniques and management of work teams.

Ad hoc protocols:

Ad hoc protocols:

monitoring audits and operational control from the Operations Team to promote continuous improvement in each of the processes.

Superior material resources:

Superior material resources:

we have high-temperature steam machines to disinfect sensitive, hard-to-reach areas. As well as this, we use high-end cleaning trolleys and specific and environmentally responsible chemical products. We also use 100% microfibre tools adapted to each service.

Cleaning functions

  • Cleaning of rooms (cleaning service included).
  • Cleaning of rooms due to change of occupants.
  • Cleaning of common areas.
  • Special cleaning: windows, technical premises, car parks, etc…

Control functions

  • Counting of linen and stock-taking of cleaning and replacement products.
  • Checking the stock of daily replacement products (toiletries and toilet paper) in the rooms for daily stays.
  • Controlling breakdowns and damage found during cleaning and reporting them to maintenance.
  • Checking, if necessary, the kitchenware to ensure correct restocking.

Why choose Weldon?

Work teams:

Work teams: we have a committed, specialised cleaning team with a high degree of responsibility and continuous training.

Experience in university residences:

we currently manage more than 25 residences in Spain and Portugal. We have a high level of knowledge of sector dynamics and workflows.


thanks to a network of more than 30 branches in Spain and Portugal, we can respond quickly and dynamically to the demands of each client.

Operations team:

management of work teams, daily monitoring of incidents, planning of tasks and workloads. We carry out audits in each work centre to promote continuous improvement and comply with the service quality KPIs.

Specific cleaning protocol for residences:

execution procedure, materials and products to be used.

We care for the environment:

we are fully committed to reducing the use of chemicals, single-use plastic products and paper consumption.


The European Ecolabel is the certificate that guarantees efficiency and sustainability. Consumers can easily identify it on all products that have been produced in an environmentally friendly way and that are environmentally friendly.

We focus on cleaning the common areas of the residences (facilities and furniture), long and short stay rooms and we carry out special cleaning on demand.

Our services

Auxiliary services

Auxiliary services

Auxiliary services can save your company internal management costs and you will be able to dedicate all your efforts to the development of your activity, with a more productive result.

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Fleet management and cleaning

Fleet management and cleaning

We are a leading company in Spain in the integral management and cleaning of vehicle fleets, with presence in all the national and insular territory.

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Access control

Access control

The objective of this procedure is to ensure the security of the space in question. At Weldon we are aware of how important it is to have an optimal access control.

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Activity Leaders

Activity Leaders

At Weldon we manage services for schools, offering professional solutions that meet the auxiliary needs of any educational center.

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National and international presence

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Central Delegations

Barcelona: Avinguda Diagonal, 523, Edificio Atalaya, Planta 21

Madrid: C/ Alfonso Gómez, 42C / C.P 28037

Lisboa: Rua Manuel de Jesus Coelho, nº4, 4º Andar, 1150-220

National Delegations

Alicante / Barcelona / Córdoba / Ibiza / Las Palmas / Madrid

Málaga / Murcia / Palma de Mallorca / Sevilla / Tarragona

Tenerife / Valencia / Zaragoza





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