Care home cleaning staff tasks

6 March, 2024 | Cleaning

Maintaining a safe and clean environment in care homes is essential for the health and well-being of residents. At Weldon, we explain the important role our cleaning staff have and how they contribute to creating a welcoming and protected environment.


7 tasks of care home cleaning staff

Deep disinfection

In a care home environment, where residents’ health is a priority, thorough disinfection is essential. Cleaning staff are responsible for disinfecting shared surfaces, such as handrails, doorknobs, light switches and other high-contact areas, using appropriate products and following specific protocols.

Room cleaning

Private rooms require special attention. Cleaning staff are responsible for keeping these areas spotless, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, changing bedlinen, emptying wastepaper baskets and ensuring that every space is welcoming and safe.

Waste management

Proper waste management is crucial in any care home setting. Cleaning staff are responsible for the collection and proper disposal of waste, following the established protocols for the separation and disposal of biological and non-biological waste.

Infection control

In an environment where residents may be more susceptible to infection, cleaning staff play a key role in preventing the spread of disease. This includes the implementation of infection control measures, such as the proper use of personal protective equipment and the adoption of rigorous cleaning and disinfection practices.

Maintenance of cleaning supplies

Ensuring that there are sufficient cleaning supplies, such as chemicals, cloths, gloves and personal protective equipment, to carry out cleaning tasks effectively.

Reporting problems

Reporting any maintenance issues or repairs that require additional attention.

Collaboration with care workers

Cleaning staff work closely with nursing, administrative and maintenance staff to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for residents.


At Weldon we are dedicated to providing a standard of cleanliness unmatched in the healthcare sector, to ensure peace of mind for our clients and the safety of those we serve. 

Thanks to our comprehensive services, qualified staff and commitment to quality and sustainability, we are transforming the way cleaning is viewed and carried out in sensitive environments.