Hospital cleaning staff tasks

20 February, 2024 | Cleaning

When it comes to saving lives, hospital cleanliness is as vital as medical care. At Weldon, we don’t just clean; we protect the health of patients and staff. Today we want to tell you about the tasks we perform to maintain safety in every corner of the hospital.


6 Fundamental hospital cleaning staff tasks

1. Disinfection and sterilisation

Disinfecting surfaces, equipment and common areas is one of the main responsibilities of cleaning staff. This includes cleaning beds, door handles, light switches and other frequently touched surfaces using approved disinfectants.

2. Cleaning critical areas

 Critical areas such as operating rooms, ICU and isolation rooms require special attention. Staff must follow strict protocols to ensure that these areas remain sterile and pathogen-free.

3. Hospital waste management

Proper management of biomedical waste, such as needles, bandages and other potentially infectious materials, is vital. Cleaning staff should be familiar with the regulations and disposal of this waste to minimise the risk of contamination.

4. Maintenance of floors and corridors

Hospital floors and corridors are high traffic areas that require constant cleaning. This involves sweeping, mopping and applying anti-slip treatments to ensure the safety of patients and workers.

5. Cleaning patient rooms

The cleanliness of patients’ rooms after discharge is crucial. This includes changing bedlinen, wiping down surfaces and ensuring the room is ready for the next person.

6. Infection control

Cleaning staff play an important role in infection control within the hospital. This involves following specific cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of disease.

Weldon: complete cleaning for your healthcare facility

At Weldon, we understand that cleanliness in the healthcare sector goes beyond simple hygiene; it is a matter of public health and safety. As a company specialised in the cleaning of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical centres and care homes, we offer effective and customised solutions for each environment.

Our approach focuses on comprehensive service management, which includes meticulous attention to human resource management, careful selection of materials and advanced technological support

With a solid organisational structure and an actively involved management team, we guarantee quality and continuous improvement in all our processes. Our qualified staff, trained in the latest cleaning techniques, are specially prepared to work in healthcare environments. 

In addition, we use the latest cleaning technologies and materials, including high temperature steam machines and specific chemicals for the healthcare sector, always with a firm commitment to sustainability and environmental care.

Choosing Weldon means opting for a hospital cleaning service that combines experience, innovation and responsibility, therefore ensuring a safe and clean environment for patients and healthcare professionals alike.