What is private security surveillance?

17 January, 2024 | Access control

Are you worried about the security of your business? The answer may lie in private security surveillance. At Weldon, we explain the importance of access control and how it can give you the peace of mind you need.


Private security: a fundamental pillar

Private security surveillance plays a crucial role in providing peace of mind in a variety of situations, from personal protection to the surveillance and access control of goods and people in public and private places such as events or shopping centres.

An effective access control system focuses on identifying each individual to ensure a secure environment. Security guards are responsible for monitoring who enters and leaves specific locations, such as a company. This allows the organisation to identify each employee individually and check, for example, that they are adhering to their established work schedules.

At Weldon, we explain in detail the different stages involved in a security control, designed to monitor people and protect premises.


Key components of private security surveillance

  • Access control: one of the pillars of private security surveillance is access control. This process is essential to identify individuals and ensure the security of the protected area
  • Phases of access control: access control is divided into several phases: identity check, authorisation, access, verification upon entry and exit. Each of these steps ensures that only authorised persons have access to the facilities and that entries and exits are properly recorded.
  • Types of access controls: There are several types of access control, ranging from automated systems to manual methods. Manual controls, such as security guards and receptionists, are suitable for small groups and environments where control staff are constant.
  • Importance in different environments: private security systems are found in a wide range of facilities, including warehouses, private estates, car parks and restricted areas. The adaptability of these systems and their ability to adapt to different environments makes them indispensable in modern security.

Your security, our priority at Weldon

At Weldon, we fully understand the critical importance of optimal access control to the security of any organisation. For us, this is not just a security measure; but a comprehensive strategy to protect not only facilities, but also the valuable human resources. We focus meticulously on identifying each and every employee, keeping accurate time and attendance records and keeping a complete record of staff presence at all times.

We know that the effectiveness of an access control system goes beyond simply managing entrances and exits. It is about creating a secure environment where each team member feels protected and valued. Security is an unquestionable priority at Weldon, which is why we invest in the most advanced systems and practices to ensure that every day your employees work in a space where their well-being comes first.

At Weldon, your safety is our priority. Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your world safe.