Office Cleaning Protocol and Process

25 July, 2023 | Cleaning

Maintaining a clean, organised working environment is essential for ensuring employee health and wellbeing, as well as conveying a professional image to visitors.

At Weldon, we specialise in offering office cleaning services that guarantee impeccable spaces in optimal conditions, giving off an excellent image to both your clients and your staff. For this reason, the following is a recommended office cleaning protocol. Keep reading!

7 Steps to efficiently clean an office

Planning and organisation

Before starting any cleaning task, it is essential to plan and organise the process. Compile a list of areas in need of cleaning, set a schedule and assign specific tasks to members of the cleaning team. This will help optimise time and ensure that all areas are properly taken care of.

Supplies and equipment

Make sure you have the necessary supplies and equipment before beginning cleaning. This includes specific cleaning products for each type of surface, such as glass, floors, furniture, etc. In addition, you should have tools such as hoovers, mops, cloths and cleaning gloves at hand.

Rubbish and litter bins

Before starting to clean, make sure that any litter present in the designated areas is picked up and disposed of.

Empty litter bins and ensure that spaces are tidy and free of unnecessary items.

Cleaning surfaces

Begin by cleaning visible surfaces, such as desks, tables, shelves and counters. Use surface-specific cleaning products and be sure to pay special attention to high-touch areas such as computer keyboards, phones and door handles.

Cleaning floors and carpets

Floors and carpets accumulate dirt and dust easily. Sweep and then hoover the floors to remove surface dirt. Finally, mop the floor with a suitable sanitising detergent so that it remains spotless. If there are large carpets, vacuum them thoroughly and consider periodic deep cleaning to remove any stains or residue.

Cleaning bathrooms and common areas

Toilets and common areas require special attention. Clean toilets, sinks and mirrors with disinfectants and sanitisers. Make sure to restock supplies, such as soap and toilet paper, and clean common areas, such as the kitchen or break room.

Quality control and final check

Once you have completed the cleaning, carry out a quality control check to ensure that all areas have been properly taken care of. Check that supplies are properly restocked and that no areas have been neglected. Make any necessary adjustments before finishing the process.

Weldon, your trusted office cleaner

Efficient office cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. By following these 7 steps, you can ensure that your office is spotless and ready to welcome employees and visitors. 

Remember that if you require cleaning and disinfection maintenance services for your offices, you can always count on our team of professionals.

At Weldon, we provide a complete and quality office cleaning and disinfection maintenance service. Our professional team, rigorous procedures and certified green cleaning products make us the ideal choice for keeping your workspace spotless. At Weldon, we make sure your office looks spotless, so you can focus on the most important thing: growing your business.