What does the vehicle fleet cleaning service involve?

23 April, 2024 | Cleaning

Enhance the lifespan and image of your vehicle fleet with specialist cleaning services. Discover how our comprehensive approach at Weldon not only improves the appearance of your vehicles, but also contributes to their safe and efficient operation. 


What is our vehicle fleet cleaning service and what does it include?

Our specialist vehicle fleet cleaning service focuses on the aesthetic and functional maintenance of commercial vehicle fleets.  This service goes beyond standard vehicle cleaning, involving a series of rigorous steps designed to maintain or restore the appearance of your vehicles and ensure their efficient operation.  

From exterior washes to interior deep-cleaning, polishing, waxing, and more, the fleet cleaning service covers all your needs for keeping your vehicles in optimal condition. 


4 Benefits of fleet cleaning for your company

Corporate image

A clean and well-maintained vehicle demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail, both crucial elements for your corporate image. 

Vehicle value retention

Regular cleaning prevents premature wear and tear, helping to maintain or even increase the resale value of your vehicles. 

Health and safety

A clean environment reduces the risk of contagion and improves safety by ensuring clear visibility and removing debris that could cause accidents. 

Operational efficiency

Cleaning mechanical parts can prevent breakdowns, reducing disruption and repair costs. 


What does the service usually include?

A fleet cleaning service includes:

  • Exterior washing: using specialist techniques and products to remove dirt, grease and other contaminants. 
  • Interior cleaning: vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, stain-removal and deodorisation. 
  • Detailing: polishing and waxing to protect paintwork, as well as cleaning of the engine and those hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Customisation: many providers offer additional services adapted to the specific needs of each fleet. 

What makes Weldon the best service?

Our vehicle cleaning service focuses on complete vehicle conditioning, including vacuuming and internal disinfection, as well as the cleaning of external glass, vinyl and bodywork.  We adapt to the specific needs of each client, offering different types of service: 

  • Tunnel washing: a facility designed for cleaning one vehicle after another, ideal for large fleets that require frequent maintenance. 
  • Mobile unit: for on-site cleaning, offering unrivalled flexibility and comfort. 
  • Karcher: a deep-cleaning system for those vehicles that need a little extra care. 
  • Customer service: fast cleaning services to ensure that your fleet is always presentable.

Discover innovation and quality with the Weldon fleet cleaning service.  We can offer you a tailormade solution that meets the specific needs of your fleet, using the latest technologies and highest-quality products!