What is an Access Control Assistant?

4 October, 2023 | Auxiliary services

In the world of security, access control is crucial. It acts as a filter to regulate who can and cannot enter a given space. But have you ever wondered who’s behind the whole process?

Today, we would like to introduce you to the figure of the access control assistant, a key professional at Weldon to ensure that this procedure is managed in the best possible way.


What is access control?

Access control is a procedure that helps us to identify an individual person. The main objective is to secure the security of the space in question. This system is essential for companies that seek to keep detailed control of everything that enters and leaves their premises. Some of the actions that are part of access control include identifying staff, keeping a record of each person’s schedule and keeping a record of the number of staff present on any given day.

Access control phases

Identity verification

This is the first line of defence. Before allowing entry to the premises, verifying the person’s identity is necessary. This can be done by physically checking an identity document or credentials, depending on whether the person is a visitor or an employee.


Once the identity has been verified, the next step is to check whether that person has permission to access the site. This information is usually held in an internal database.


Once everything has been verified, credentials are provided for the specific area to which access has been granted.

Verification at the destination

After entry, the visitor may be subject to further verification upon arrival at the point of destination.


At the end of the visit, the credentials are returned, and the time of departure is recorded. This information is crucial to keep track of the flow of people.

The key role of the access control assistant

The access control assistant is the person in charge of managing all these phases. Their role is not only to verify identity and grant permissions, but also to maintain security and ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.

At Weldon, we are aware of the importance of efficient access control. For this reason, our staff have been fully trained to carry out these functions with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

In short, the access control assistant is a key part of any company’s security system. They ensure that only authorised persons have access to the premises, thus providing a secure environment for all.