Large surface cleaning: What is it?

5 January, 2024 | Cleaning

The cleaning of large surfaces is a crucial aspect in the management and maintenance of large and busy spaces such as companies, shops, shopping centres or hypermarkets. Unlike the cleaning of smaller areas, this process requires special techniques to ensure the effectiveness and well-being of those who use these spaces.


What is involved in cleaning large surfaces?

In the context of large surfaces, we refer to large, frequently visited, commercially sized spaces. These can range from communal areas in shopping centres to busy supermarkets. Their size, high footfall and high staff turnover require a different and more rigorous approach to cleaning and disinfection than in smaller areas.

Cleanliness in these areas not only improves the appearance of the space, but is essential for public health. Large surfaces tend to accumulate more dirt and bacteria due to the constant flow of people.


Cleaning and disinfection techniques

As we have seen, it is essential to use appropriate cleaning and disinfection methods to maintain a hygienic and safe environment, especially in areas where food is handled and where there is a high flow of people. Below are some key techniques.


Glass cleaning

This involves removing dust and stains that accumulate over time, affecting the clarity and appearance of windows. It is recommended that special window cleaning solutions are used to ensure transparency and shine. 

These solutions are designed to be streak-free and effectively dissolve dirt and fingerprints without damaging the glass. It is also important to use suitable tools, such as microfibre cloths or rubber blade window cleaners, which help to distribute the product evenly and dry the surface without leaving residue.

Regular cleaning not only improves aesthetics, but also prolongs the life of the glass by preventing corrosion and other damage caused by the build-up of contaminants.


General disinfection

Disinfecting large surfaces requires the use of effective disinfectants, such as chlorine-based solutions, to kill bacteria and viruses.

It is important to ensure that all areas, including less accessible areas, are properly disinfected.


Important considerations

  1. Surfaces should not only look clean, but also be clean, reflecting optimum shine and condition.
  2. It is essential to prevent slips and accidents, which means using cleaning products that do not leave slippery residues.
  3. Meeting minimum quality standards is essential to ensure safety and hygiene.


Recognising the nature of surfaces

Non-porous surfaces (such as glass, metal and ceramics) are cleaned conventionally and then disinfected with chlorine-based solutions.

Porous surfaces (such as wood) require a different approach, which may include soaking in hot liquids and disinfecting with alcoholic solutions for deep cleaning.

By using these techniques, a clean and disinfected environment can be achieved, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring a safe and pleasant environment.


How to choose a large surface cleaning company?

When selecting a large surface cleaning company, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Experience and specialisation: look for companies with proven experience in your specific industry.
  • Certifications: check that the company has the necessary certifications to handle hazardous waste or carry out specialised cleaning.
  • Technology and equipment: make sure they use advanced technology and equipment suitable for the type of cleaning required.
  • Customer reviews: references and reviews from other customers can provide valuable insight into the quality and reliability of the service.

Weldon: safety and efficiency

Cleaning large areas is not just a matter of aesthetics, it is a necessity. Choosing the right partner to meet the specific cleaning needs of your business can have a significant impact on the success and longevity of your business. 

At Weldon, we ensure the safety, efficiency and compliance of your working environment. Our adaptability to different sectors, from university halls of residence to retail, together with our specialist equipment and advanced techniques, allows us to provide an exceptional service